Clubs sign up NOW! sign-up by registering and we will have further details very soon.

This registrar will sign you into our Social Networking module and we then will email you a link to your Club Page if you are a Club Captain, Staff or member who wants to start your page so that the tournament brackets can be established. One Club member may update and add to the pageā€”at least for now. Once we get rolling there will be many options, but for now we hope this will provide a very fluent and easy way to announce your presence in the good ole USA curling network.

CurlingNetwork is divided into several micro-sites to give a full featured experience for curling enthusiasts and Olympians alike.

The site has all of the Clubs and the break-down of their Bonspiels. But we also include the social and informational exchange section that is created to give everyone the chance to meet each other, to share experiences around the country and to just have a way to stay in touch.

Join a Group—which may not necessarily be the Club sponsoring a Group, this may be a Club member who is maintaining the Group and has good information about the city or event sponsor that they would like to share with those who may be looking to come to a local Bonspiel and need to know more about the venue, or just want to say, “Hello, can’t wait to meet you there.”